Abria Joseph
P R A N A F O R C E   Y O G A
Abria has been in pursuit as many have been about living the Dream, a Dream Life, with a Dream Job and a Dream way of being. His studies and practices within yoga asana are, and have always been the foundation of his healing and therapeutic practices. Initially the discipline and passion for competitive sports led to great triumphs and great injuries alike. While healing and traveling, his interest in breath work, meditation, and sound healing gave space for the desire to be more focused towards community and collaborations with other great people living their passions.
Kristin Knight
Kristin took her first yoga class in 2007, at the time having no idea how this would completely change the trajectory of her life! Soon after discovering yoga, Kristin dramatically changed her diet and her ever increasing mind, body, spirit connection illuminated her true calling. In 2009 she left the fast paced corporate city life behind and followed her wanderlust nature travelling the world teaching yoga and living in various spiritual communities. Kristin has completed over 800 hours of yoga teacher trainings including Bikram yoga, power yoga, tantric yoga and advanced asana practice.Kristin's yoga classes focus on the union of asana and breath as a way to directly access the present moment. Kristin is also an embodiment coach and works with people to heal past trauma and find their authentic voice and personal power. Her mission in this life is to support humanity in their  embodied liberation. She is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to hold space centered around these teachings, giving way to a more natural state of wholeness, aliveness and joy.
Alysia Baldwin
S A Y  N O W  E N T E R P R I S E S
Alysia Baldwin is a writer, editor, marketer, creative consultant, and enthusiastic creative professional who has dedicated her life and career to finding the most creative ways to innovate various ideas. While growing up in the suburban Hudson Valley area of New York State, Alysia dreamed of being a stand-up comedian, toy maker, voiceover artist, computer programmer, music video director, cultural columnist and all points in between in a career path and life that has reflected all of these interests. An perpetual dreamer, Alysia encourages students to take the leap, because the net always appears.
Jen Cannick
M E T A P H Y S I C A L  T H E R A P I S T
Through metaphysics I learned to observe the patterns and beliefs that create negative situations. These limiting beliefs are like invisible chains that keep us locked within our 'boxes' and from achieving our goals. My personal experience and training has taught me that it is necessary to dismantle the conditioning and values that no longer serve us so that we may become the highest expression of who we truly are. I look forward to working with you to empower your ability to help others while evolving yourself!
Haruto & Kai 
o o  O O M A M I
There is so much more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi and ramen, it’s begun to rival legendary culinary destinations like France and Italy. Haruto & Kai are on the forefront of Japenese fusion in the Atlanta dining scene. Two-time James Beard nominees, they are partners at ooOOMami, and look forward to sharing insight into both Japanese cuisine and culture with their students.
Rae Hilbert
H E A L  A N I M A L  T H E R A P Y
Rae Hilbert is the founder of Heal Animal Therapy. She started her practice in 2006 and has been a busy bee ever since. Creating open communication between all members of the animal’s community, she weaves her sessions to fit the needs of each particular patient. Rae is trained in many facets of Animal Massage Therapy, including; Swedish massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, scar tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, hospice care and post-surgical and rehabilitation massage techniques.
Maria Sandoval
C O N N E C  T  Y O G A
Maria leads yoga retreats worldwide and has led a successful Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training School with hundreds of graduate students. She has been a presenter for Wanderlust Festival and Rasa Lila Yoga Festival. Maria has been a staffed yoga teacher for the NBA team The Pelicans, as well as worked closely with multiple professional athletes, dancers, musicians, actors and on movie sets.
Garrett Capps
T H A T  H E A L T H Y  J U I C E  G U Y
Garrett Capps began his culinary journey in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the vibrancy and commotion of the professional kitchen was enough to pique his interest at a very early age.   As he progressed – and entered college as an English major – it quickly became apparent that the career he was searching for was waiting right in front of him.  Dedicated to the health of both his patrons and the planet, Garret takes joy in showing others how to nourish and cleanse with what else? JUICE!
Draeden Dube
A graduate of Montclair State University and a persistent worker, Draeden has quickly gained recognition as a music photographer. Whether he’s shooting at a concert or one-on-one portraits, Draeden always makes sure to add his own, unique touch. He guides students to frame their vision in such a way as to let the onlooker react based on their own perceptions. Make up your own damn mind!


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